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Assassin’s Seed Orgies

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You may love playing the action game Assassin Creed, but this game is far from what you expect. 

In fact, it is more enjoyable to play. The original game would never have your sexually aroused with such a throbbing sex member as this will. 

You will recognize some of the characters from the original game, but the storyline is different. This parody is more exhilarating than the real thing.

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Your Fantasies Fulfilled in 3-D

This 3-D role-playing simulator game will not only have some of the action that you are used to, but it will require that you delve into a pornographic world. 

The graphics in this game is so stunning. We assure you that this will be one of the easiest games to play online. 

You are in control of your intense arousal as it allows you to choose whether you want to play the game with or without the storyline. 

We recommend playing without a storyline as this will bring you through an erotic world that leaves your senses running wild and your enormous fantasies can come through as you play using your imagination to come up with your own enticing actions.

Sex, Sex, and So Much Sex!

Think of the control you will have over the characters when they will end their sexual experiences as well as the positions they will be in while in the act. 

Doggie-style, anal, or missionary? You choose. You will be able to fuck Egyptian princesses and even lick their pussies. 

As the name suggests, orgies are a main part of the game. Having a harem, you can have threesomes or foursomes. 

There is so much sex in this game that you will either be jerking off or having a wild time with your partner even before you finish.

However, no matter the great sex scenes and actions, there are still adventures to be had. 

You are still asked to solve riddles and there are enemies to fight and conquer.

As you climb pyramids and walk across the sandy deserts, the high-quality graphics make the scenes so realistic and enticing. 

Assassin’s Seed Orgies
Assassin’s Seed Orgies
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